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Tutor Finder Quiz

It's great to have a tutor and give your child the extra support or enrichment they need to grow academically. Choosing the best tutor for your child is important because not all kids learn in the same way and not all tutors teach in the same way. It's important to find the perfect match! Take this quiz to help you find the best tutor for your child.

Grab a pen and paper. Read each question and jot down the answer that best suits your child. At the end of the quiz, you will have an idea of which type of tutor and tutoring program would be the best match for your child's unique learning style.

 Let's get started!

When your child is learning something new, they prefer to:

A. Listen to explanations and discussions.

B. See and visualize concepts through pictures or diagrams.

C. Engage in hands-on activities and experiments.

What type of environment does your child thrive in?

A. Quiet and calm individual study.

B. Collaborative group settings with peers.

C. Interactive and dynamic learning spaces.

How long can your child typically focus on a task?

A. Short bursts of intense focus.

B. Moderate attention span with breaks.

C. Extended periods of focused attention.

How does your child respond to the pace of learning?

A. Likes to move quickly through the material.

B. Prefers a steady and structured pace.

C. Enjoys exploring topics in-depth.

What type of tutoring format do you think would suit your child best?

A. One-on-one individual tutoring sessions.

B. Group tutoring with peers.

C. Game-based learning programs.

Count the number of "A" responses for each question.

Count the number of "B" responses for each question.

Count the number of "C" responses for each question.

If the majority of responses are "A," an individual, fast-paced tutoring program may be most suitable.

If the majority of responses are "B," a structured and balanced tutoring program, either individual or group-based, may work well.

If the majority of responses are "C," consider game-based learning programs or group tutoring sessions with interactive elements.

This quiz provides a starting point for finding a tutor tailored to your child's learning preferences. Keep in mind that individual preferences may vary, and it's essential to communicate openly with the tutor to ensure a successful learning experience for your child.


Good News!

Find the best tutor for your child with the Tutor Finder Quiz!
At Kelly's Reading and Math Club, honouring each child's learning style is top priority! We offer different programs to match your child's individual learning preferneces so that they can build confidence, build academic skills, and discover just how much fun learning can be!
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