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Reading Together


  1. How soon will my child start reading at grade level?

Your child will complete a complimentary reading assessment before tutoring begins so that we have a clear picture of where they are starting from. You will receive lesson notes after each lesson so that you can see what your child has learned and track your child’s progress. 

Some children will move more quickly than others, and that’s ok. Each child is a unique learner and that is why I create an individual learning plan for each child. 

Many of my students have improved by one grade level in reading within 5 hours of instruction. That’s 5 total tutoring hours. Other children take longer, 8, 10, or even 12 hours. This is still much less time than it takes to move up one grade level in school. It is also less time than other tutoring programs. 

While I can not guarantee that your child will be reading at a certain level in a certain amount of time, I can provide you with the detailed information you need to see the progress your child is making on their journey to becoming a great reader! 

2. Isn’t it cheaper to go to a learning centre or a general tutor?

It may seem that way. However, when we look at this from the perspective of results we see a different picture. By results, I mean that your child’s reading skills improve quickly and their confidence soars after the first lesson. I encourage you to explore different tutoring options. Make sure you ask prospective tutors and learning centres how they will differentiate the program for your child, and how soon you can expect to see results. Most importantly, ask how the tutor will support your child’s social/emotional learning because feeling confident about their ability to read will be the most important part of becoming a great reader! If you are not seeing your child’s confidence improve along with their reading skills then no matter how little or how much you are spending on tutoring, it is probably not the best use of money. 

3. Why do I have to sign up for a subscription? Why can’t I book week by week?

It takes commitment and consistency to become a great reader. By committing to a monthly subscription you are committing to 2-4 hours a month of reading instruction. This is already much less time than you would need to commit at a learning centre or with most other reading tutors. My goal is to support your child in meeting their learning goals in the least amount of time so that your child and family can focus on other interests, such as sports, music, and enjoying family time together. However, I can not help your child reach their learning goals without consistent and regular lessons. The subscription ensures that your child gets the instruction they need each month to become a great reader. 

4. Is this program only for students in French Immersion?

No, English language learners are welcome. I was inspired to start Kelly’s Reading Club as a French Immersion parent because I felt that there needed to be something to fill the gap of English literacy instruction that French Immersion students miss in school. However, Kelly’s Reading Club is for all learners and is very effective at helping struggling readers get to grade level and become great readers!

5. I’m not in Canada. Why do I have to pay in Canadian dollars?

At this time, I do not have the capacity to accept other currencies. Your credit card will automatically adjust the currency for you. 

6. My child has ADHD, Autism, ODD, an LD, or another neurodivergency. Will this program work for them?

In most cases, YES! I meet each student for a complimentary reading assessment before we begin tutoring so that I can tell you if I feel that your child will not benefit from this service and I can refer you to a service provider who can help your child. 

7. Do you tutor older students?

Occasionally. Please send me an email at for specific inquiries. 

8. Do you tutor math?

Occasionally. Please send me an email at for specific inquiries. 

9. Why do you need my credit card information?

I use a calendar system to book appointments and I can not book your appointment without credit card information. Your credit card information will be deleted when you end tutoring services with me. 

10. Does the subscription go all year or can I pause my subscription if my family will be away during some months of the year? 

The subscription goes from September to June. If you would like to continue tutoring in the summer we can discuss options for a summer plan in June. If you would like to suspend your subscription between September and June, you may. However, I cannot guarantee that there will be a spot available for your child when you resume the subscription. 

11. Are you an Orton-Gillingham tutor?

I am an Orton-Gillingham-trained tutor. I use many aspects of Orton-Gillignham in my lessons. I am not fully certified as an Orton-Gillingham tutor and I do not follow the exact methodology of Orton-Gillingham, primarily because of time and the ability to provide an individualized learning plan. Orton-Gllingham recommends a minimum of two 40-60 minute lessons per week. Most of my students do not need to spend this much time tutoring to become great readers. Also, I take into account other aspects of a student’s learning profile beyond reading ability, such as social/emotional learning, executive functioning skills, self-regulation skills, and personal interests. I incorporate these aspects into my lessons. 

12. Why are online lessons only 30 minutes and in-person are only 45 minutes?

We can cover a lot of material in this amount of time and there is a lot of learning that happens during each lesson. In my experience, both in tutoring and in teaching online for an Ontario public school board, 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a younger child to spend learning online and remaining fully focused and engaged the entire time. Longer than 30 minutes will be frustrating for the child and I want my students to leave the lesson feeling fantastic, not frustrated. 

For in-person, 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time to go through our schedule and for students to remain focused. A one-hour class that is this intensive is long for younger students and would need to be interrupted by breaks. I feel that it is better to maximize a shorter amount of time together and let students leave feeling confident and proud of the work they have completed.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Your credit card information must be on file or I can not book your child on the calendar. You can enter your credit card information through the Tutorbird Student Portal.
For students enrolled in the monthly subscription program, payment will be charged on the first of each month to the credit card on file. You will receive an invoice and receipt of payment each month via email. 
For students who have enrolled in the in-person group class, payment will be deducted each term from the credit card that you have on file. You will receive a credit of $45 each term for one free class if you register before the start date of the term. If you register after the start date the cost of the term will be prorated to when you register. You will not be eligible for the free class credit if you register after the start date for the term. 

ONLINE: Twelve hours' notice is required for cancellations of online classes. Classes will be made up at a time that is convenient for your family so that your child gets the 4 or 8 sessions per month that you are subscribed for. When classes are canceled with 12 or more hours' notice, I will send you a link to my calendar so that you can book a make-up class, and I will guarantee that your child gets a make-up class. 
If you can not provide 12 hours' notice of cancellation, I would appreciate if you let me know as soon as possible when you need to cancel. I will provide a makeup class with less than 12 hours' notice depending on availability. If there is no notice of cancellation and the student does not show up for the class on more than one occasion, service may be terminated. If there is no notice of cancellation and the student does not show up for the lesson, no make up credit is provided and you will be charged for the lesson as this time has been reserved for your child's learning. 
IN-PERSON: There are no make-up classes or refunds for group classes. Each student will get a $45 free class credit for each 10-week term if you register before the start date for the term. Whether you miss a class or not, you will get a free class. 
If you register after the start date of the term you will not be elegible for  a free class credit. Your cost will be prorated based on the number of classes left in the term. You will not be eligible for refunds or make-up credits.
I would appreciate it if you let me know at least one hour before the class if your child will not be attending. 

Your child will be provided with the book that we read during the lesson so that they can practice reading the new letter sound, and build fluency in reading after the lesson. Your child may also receive additional games and/or worksheets after the lesson. For math, your child will recieve activities to practice skills between lessons.
You will receive a copy of the lesson notes, which will let you know what your child learned in the lesson, your child’s accomplishments during the lesson, and any skills that your child may have had difficulty with and how we will work on these skills moving forward. The lesson notes will be emailed to you via Tutorbird. 

ONLINE: This subscription is month-by-month. The monthly fee is non-refundable. If you would like to cancel just let me know before the next month starts so you will not be charged and you can cancel anytime.
IN-PERSON: The fee for the 10-week term, or from when your child starts the term, is non-refundable. If you do not wish to sign up for the next term, just let me know and your subscription will be canceled. 

Your credit card will be automatically charged so that you do not need to worry about making payments. If your credit card is declined, you will revice notice and you will be able to pay manually through the invoice. If you do not pay within one week of recieving the invoice, you will be charged a late fee of 10%. 

SUMMER AND VACATION TIME FOR KELLY (this applies to online students only):
During non-peak months (June to August) the monthly subscription will be unavaialble. As many families are traveling and busy with summer activites, you will have the option to book tutoring per lesson. I will send you my clander link and you can book and pay per lesson when it is convient for your family. In August, you will have an opportunity to book your weekly time for the monthly subscription that will begin in September. The times are booked on a first come, first serve basis and I can not hold time for any student over the summer. 
Kelly takes two weeks off for the school winter (Christmas) holiday. This time will align with the school calender. Your child will make up lessons for these two weeks in January and February at times that are convient for your family. 
Kelly will take one week off during the winter/spring months to travel. The online classes missed during this time will be made up at a time that is convient for your family. 
If Kelly is ill or unvailable, or if there is an issue with internet service on Kelly's end, you will have the oppotunity to make up the class your child misses. 
Missed classes are only eligible for make-up credits. There is no refund or discount for missed classes. 

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