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Fun reading program for Kindergarten to Grade 3. French Immersion kids get a boost of English reading instruction in this fun reading program.

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Make Learning Fun!

Are you tired of watching your child struggle to learn how to read? Does it break your heart to hear your child say they hate math? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Learning is fun and your child will discover this at Kelly’s Reading and Math Club. We get results quickly and kids build skills and confidence without spending hours toiling away on worksheets and educational apps. Most importantly, we have fun! Every child is celebrated for their own unique learning style and abilities. Kids leave Kelly’s Reading and Math Clubs feeling good, confident, and excited about the next opportunity to learn. Join us in the learning fun!

Kelly Michelle Dharamshi, M.Ed., founder of Kelly's Reading Club, a fun reading program for kids in kindergarten to grade 3.  OCT, Founder of The Reader's Club, reading tutor in Toronto.

Meet Kelly 

Hi! I’m Kelly Michelle Dharamshi, M. Ed., OCT. I have taught in a variety of classrooms over my 20-year teaching career in the Toronto District School Board and York Region District School Board. I’ve worked with children in elementary schools in primary, junior, and special education classrooms. I have a Special Education Specialist and I love working with a diverse group of learners. 

My approach to reading instruction is based on the science of reading and it is strength-based and student-centred. This means that student strengths, personal interests, and preferences are at the centre of each lesson. 

My approach to math instruction comes from my own experience as a child with extreme math anxiety. The connection between math and social-emotional learning is the foundation of every Math Club. Like, reading instruction, math instruction is built around student interests and preferences. 

Teaching is individualized and celebrates the learning styles of each student. Learning is NOT one-size-fits-all and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to celebrate individual learners through The Reading and Math Clubs. 

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